Employers everywhere, and across all industries, are raising their concerns about the increasing numbers of staff resigning, and the challenges in trying to recruit replacement staff. An unexpected  COVID symptom has resulted in workers really considering their career choice, with many seeking better lifestyle options and workplaces that offer greater flexibility and job satisfaction.
    If only there was a vaccination to prevent this phenomena!
Disappointingly, there is no such vaccination, however, there is a strategy that is readily available, cost-effective, of exceptional quality and has been identified and proven to retain, motivate and attract staff. The blueprint for workforce resilience is of course, Professional Development.

94% of employees would stay longer if their organisation invested in their Professional Development (Linkedin Workplace Report, https://sparkbay.com/en/culture-blog/employee-retention-stategies-2 )

76% of employees perceive training as a sign their employer values them, and  31% see learning and development as an incentive to accept a role elsewhere. (RMIT White Paper, https://assets.online.rmit.edu.au )

It is clear, reskilling and upskilling through quality Professional Development can also help organisations meet current skill needs and reduce the impact of losing experienced staff.

LEAD Professional Development has been providing quality outcomes-focussed, evidenced-based learning opportunities for our sector for more than 35 years. Our reputation for quality, innovation and practical application is exceptional.

Don’t wait for another vaccine: be proactive and prevent the spread of the ‘great resignation’ through the range of face-to-face, online and eLearning available NOW! Take a moment and look through our latest Calendar of Events. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please let me know. I am always keen to hear your suggestions. You can forward them to info@leadpda.org.au

Remember- stay safe and happy learning!

Kind regards

Kerry Palejs

Chief Executive Officer