LEAD has developed and collected a range of resources for their members, listed below. Please visit our Facilitators and eLearning Resources sub-sections for more.

  • LEAD Diversity In Practice Resource Kit: A resource kit for early childhood services working with children and families from migrant and refugee backgrounds in the Nepean area (DIP Kit) was developed by the Migrant and Refugee Children Support Working Group (MARCS) to assist early childhood service providers to improve access and the provision of culturally inclusive programming for migrant and refugee children and their families.

LEAD provides Professional Development to community sector workers, primarily across Western Sydney. The community sector is contracted by government agencies to provide services that meet the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, but many have limited engagement and impact in this community.

To address this challenge, LEAD has worked with Aboriginal organisations to tap into their knowledge and experience, and to facilitate community consultantions. “Building Engagement with First Australian Families in the Mt Druitt Area”, is now available as a resource to support mainstream organisations to improve their understanding and connection with Aboriginal children and families, particularly in the Mt Druitt area.

“Building Engagement with First Australian Families in the Mt Druitt Area” is one outcome of LEAD’s commitment to Aboriginal Cross-Cultural Competence Capacity Building, which forms part of the Communities for Children Mt Druitt project, led by Mission Australia. This project has been funded by the Australia Department of Social Services.

Building Engagement with First Australian Families in the Mt Druitt Area

LEAD CEO Kerry Palejs today launched LEAD’s ‘TEI Program Logic’. The Program Logic captures the next phase of LEAD’s transition to the TEI and will provide a framework, structure and milestones as LEAD directs its efforts towards achieving our outcomes.

Despite the challenges of being a FACS -funded organisation that does not provide direct support services (and thus does not ’fit’ easily into Program Streams, Service Options or DEX), LEAD has embraced the journey in order to remain relevant and meet the current and emerging needs of our sector.

This is our journey from concepts, ideas and discussions to the development and now implementation of a Program Logic that will align LEAD with the TEI and the future of FACS funded services.

LEAD TEI Program Logic 2019