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Reset Refresh Refocus (LEAD Members ONLY Workshop)

We can’t always power through – sometimes, we’ve got to reset to restart stronger!

After the busyness of EOFY, July is the time to reset your mind, refresh your body and soul, and refocus on your priorities!

If you are a LEAD MEMBER and ready to SUPERCHARGE, click here to REGISTER for this unique and powerful FREE MEMBER’S ONLY workshop, which has a singular purpose: to help you recover, regenerate, and recharge your body, mind, life, and work….. to do what you love at the highest level possible, and to reach your ultimate potential.

Check out the action-packed program for the day, our facilitators and expected outcomes.

Workshop Session 1 (Morning): Facilitated by Tricia Williams

In working with children, families, and young people, your ‘Why’ reflects your values, the values held both personally and professionally. It answers the question of why you do what you do. When connected, it brings to life your commitment and contribution to support change and guides all aspects of work with children, young people and families.

During this session, you will have the opportunity to reflect on and articulate your ‘Why’ – your contribution and commitment with a focus on what you want to achieve through your work. Unpack the values and ethics that are foundation to working with purpose!

You will then Ctrl-Alt-RESET Your Nervous System – Workshop Session 2 (Afternoon):Facilitated by Alys McLennan

During this session, you will be guided through practical activities that will add to your toolkit of resources to assist in reducing nervous system activation related to stress. Practices used will support the mind-body relaxation response to increase coping and regulation.

Note: You will be invited to partake in both static and gentle movement activities, you will need to determine your own capacity to engage at the beginning of each segment.

Along with a catered morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea – you will take away from this workshop a wide range of tools to stave off distress and increase resilience and functioning.

Who should attend this workshop?

LEAD Members only


Tricia Williams is a consultant trainer specialising in child protection and family violence. She has worked for over 30 years in the sector including roles within both DCJ and NGOs. Tricia has held both caseworker and manager positions in services that specialise in child sexual abuse, family violence and child protection. Passionate about creating change and better outcomes for children, young people and families, Tricia has a particular interest in bringing the voice of children to our work with families.

Tricia provides a range of services for both government and non-government agencies including supervision and training and development work for both statutory child protection caseworkers and other staff within NGOs addressing child protection issues, case management, trauma-informed practice and working with families for change.

Alys McLennan is a Child and Family Trauma Specific Therapist, Hatha Vinyasa yoga teacher, and social worker specialising in children, young people, adults and families who have experienced of trauma, abuse, out of home care and the child protection system. She has written a number of therapeutic group programs for children and young people for three charity organisations specialising in trauma, abuse and out of home care. One of the programs was commended by the judges in the Mental Health Awards 2020.


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Face-2-Face Workshop


Thursday 14 July 2022


9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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Face-2-Face Workshop


Wenty League
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