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Professional and Personal Boundaries — When Working within your Community

Are you a CALD front-line employee working with people from your community? If you are, this workshop is for YOU!

The Workshop will explore physical, mental, and emotional personal boundaries. Healthy professional and personal boundaries are essential to ensure that you and your clients are safe and respected. However, when you work within the same community and share the same culture as your clients, boundaries can become blurred quite easily. The compassionate and nurturing qualities which workers bring to community services tend to make them vulnerable to blurring these boundaries, along with fatigue. When exploring boundaries in the workplace, you will look at clear boundaries, boundary crossings and boundary violations. When exploring boundary crossings and boundary violations, we will discuss warning signs and preventative measures to keep you and your clients safe.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognise boundary issues in your own professional and personal lives.
  • Develop strategies to respond to boundary issues.
  • Gain awareness of the importance of professional identities and reputation.
  • Acknowledge and recognise your own boundary limits & explore effects of gossips.

Who should attend this workshop?

TEI funded and all other community services


Debbie Deasy is a registered Psychologist providing mental health and counselling services in Faulconbridge and Springwood, Blue Mountains NSW and is a qualified trainer.
Debbie has over 22 years of counselling and 12 years of adult training experience. Her passion is for empowering clients via counselling and through continuing education. This passion has grown to a desire to assist both organisations and inspiring counsellors as they work with clients.

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Face-2-Face Workshop


Thursday 29 April 2021


9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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Face-2-Face Workshop


Atura Blacktown
32 Cricketers Arms Rd, Prospect NSW 2148


  • Member: $85.00 + GST
  • Non-Member: $140 + GST

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