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Emotions can be defined as your mind’s reaction to experience and they describe intangible human feelings, and the powerful internal sensations that colour every experience. If emotion is core to a client’s problematic experience, and core to therapy, then it is the creation of an environment where people feel safe to observe their emotions and explore the actions these emotions generate, that gives our clients an opportunity to make sense of their feelings and make choices about behaviour.

Learn to track the connections between emotions, feelings, thinking, stories and behaviours.

When we track the experience and the connections we encourage self care practices that befriend the experiences, rather than ignoring or avoiding these internal messages. In this way we are able to manage our emotions and transform our responses and emotional waves are calmed. Tuning into the nervous system of others in this same way invites safety to be experienced.

Do you want to add to your professional toolkit simple and evidence-based intervention techniques to help your clients cope better with life challenges and at the same time as a practitioner look after your personal well-being?

Then, this dynamic and experiential day of learning is for you!

 Workshop 1 (Morning):  When Trauma Gets Stuck in the Body!! How to heal stress and trauma? Facilitated by Jane Macnaught

This session will help you gain a deeper understanding of Polyvagal Theory to track trauma’s impact on your client’s nervous system, to help reduce symptoms and promote healing. You will explore vagal toning exercises to help reshape nervous systems (polyvagal theory), and skills in developing an authentic sense of safety, connection, and attunement. In addition, you will learn simple trauma sensitive yoga practices to support regulation of your nervous system – for your own well-being.

After a nourishing lunch, you will delve into ‘Guided Imagery for stressful conditions’, facilitated by Judy Lovas, Workshop Session 2 (Afternoon):

Imagine that you are on a warm beach; the sun is hitting your face and warms you up.  A cool breeze blows past your face, cooling you from the warmth of the sun. As you imagine your body being warmed by the sun and cooled by the breeze, can you feel your emotions becoming less intense?

In this dynamic 2-hour workshop you will experience the art and science of guided imagery. You will be guided through practical activities that will add to your toolkit of resources to assist in reducing nervous system activation related to stress. Practices used will support the mind-body relaxation response to increase coping and regulation to reduce chronic conditions.

Who should attend this workshop?

Community Workers, Team leaders and Managers working in community sector in WSNBM


Session 1 – Jane Macnaught is a registered clinical counsellor PACFA, has extensive clinical experience with refugees, asylum seekers, adult survivors of childhood abuse and family violence, specialising in post trauma recovery & healing, anxiety, and grief.

Her eclectic and creative approach draws from a diverse training, clinical work and life experiences. She is passionate about building a community that embraces trauma informed practices. She runs the Trauma Aware Providers Support group (TAPs). Learning more about trauma and the nervous system is crucial for deepening our ability to create a safe and healing recovery experience for our clients, teams and community.

Session 2 – Judy Lovas has a PhD from Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney and an eclectic background in psychology, tertiary education, massage therapy, research and clinical practice. Judy’s keen interest in health and medical science plus her passion for high quality education combined to create Art & Science of Relaxation in 2010.

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Face-2-Face Workshop


Wednesday 07 December 2022


10:30 AM - 4:00 PM

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Face-2-Face Workshop


LEAD Learning Centre
10/197 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills, NSW 2147


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