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Creative Interventions to Assist Clients of All Ages to Express Emotions and Gain Personal Insights

Art can provide a healthy outlet for feelings that clients need to get out….an alternative way to communicate something that clients cannot always put into words.

You do not need to be an artist to participate in this workshop as the emphasis is on the processes involved in applying art therapy to assist clients who experience anxiety, depression or have experienced trauma.

This workshop will equip you with effective strategies to help your clients with:
-mood regulation/enhancement
-provide relief from verbal communication demands,
-as well as providing a by-product of enhancing creativity.
The strategies you will learn in this Workshop are grounded in evidence-based practice incorporating Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy within a solution focused and strengths-based Art Therapy framework.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased understanding & knowledge of practical art therapy applications;
  •  Increased confidence and knowledge of how to frame art therapy directives and process work, and
  •  Increased knowledge of the use of materials and their suitability to individual clients.

Who should attend this workshop?

Social Workers, Health Workers, Child and Family Workers, Community Workers, Managers, Social Policy Project Workers and other interested people


Sue Wildman: is an Art Therapist, Theatre Practitioner & Counsellor & has worked in the community sector for over 27 years. She has her own Art Therapy practice and also works for various NGO’s including Women’s Health Centres, Women’s Refuges, Aboriginal HIPPY Service, Create 4 Wellbeing – Catholic Care Social Services, Carers NSW, Relationships Australia.  She has worked primarily in the areas of trauma, depression, anxiety, bullying and family violence.  She has also conducted theatre workshops for children and youth who have experienced bullying and or experience learning difficulties.  She is passionate about the creative processes as a means of assisting both young people and adults to express feelings, gain insights and work toward positive change.

Please bring with you as you join online:

  • A3 Watercolour pad 190 to 250 gsm (12 or 15 page pad)
  • Black Waterproof Ink (Bottle of Atelier 250ml is $23.00) for the group of 5 – Otherwise Black Art Sectrum ink 50ml $12.80 or another Black Waterproof Ink
  • Glass container for water
  • Glass container for ink
  • Water colours (at least 12)
  • Tear off palette pad or plastic palette for paints
  • Water colour brushes (variety of thicknesses)Ball of string
  • Small pkt oil pastels
  • Plastic tablecloth ($2.50 Woolworths) or protective cover for work-table
  • Small pkt soft pastels (optional)
  • Thin plastic gloves (if you don’t want ink on your fingers)

NOTE: These items are not a requirement to complete the course but will provide an added level of experiential learning for body-based regulation techniques.

More Information

LEAD, ph (02) 9620 6172 or email

Code: NP2350

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Online Workshop


Tuesday 19 April 2022


9:30 AM - 1:00 PM

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Online Workshop


Online via Zoom


  • Member: $45.00 + GST
  • Non-Member: $59.95 + GST

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