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LEADers Community of Practice – Glenwood

LEAD Professional Development Association facilitates the LEADers Community of Practice (COP), designed to assist decision-makers and leaders within the community services sector in enhancing their organisation’s practice capacity. This is achieved by:

  • providing a purpose-built policy framework with agreed benchmark standards and good practices, and
  • offering resources and support to seamlessly integrate policies, standards, processes and procedures into individual organisation’s service governance framework.

In an ever-evolving landscape with constant changes in legislation, reporting requirements, and contractual obligations, navigating what’s what and whether your organisation is functioning to its best capacity can be challenging, particularly as the sector moves towards recommissioning.

The LEADers COP will continue to offer guidance through the noise by facilitating interactive sessions through which organisations can strengthen its governance framework, accountability and practices. Throughout 2024, the LEADers COP will address key areas such as Childsafe Organisations, Employee Wellbeing, Financial Management, Brand Management, and Performance Management. We will delve into supporting policies, workplace practices, and their effects on employees in each area.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to develop and/or review your organisation’s policies, standards and procedures in a supportive environment, with collective learning promoting both skill development, sharing of resources and networking opportunities.


DateSessionStart timeEnd time
Session 1 – Tuesday 12/03/2024Community of practice (CoP)12-Mar-24 – 2:00 PM12-Mar-24 – 4:00 PM
Session 2 – Tuesday 07/05/2024Community of practice (CoP)07-May-24 – 2:00 PM07-May-24 – 4:00 PM
Session 3 – Tuesday (02/07/2024)Community of practice (CoP)02-Jul-24 – 2:00 PM02-Jul-24 – 4:00 PM
Session 4 – Tuesday (10/09/2024)Community of practice (CoP)10-Sep-24 – 2:00 PM10-Sep-24 – 4:00 PM
Session 5 – Tuesday 05/11/2024Community of practice (CoP)05-Nov-24 – 2:00 PM05-Nov-24 – 4:00 PM



Kim Martin and Catherine White

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LEAD, ph (02) 9620 6172 or email


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Community of Practice


Tuesday 02 July 2024 - Tuesday 05 November 2024


2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Community of Practice


Glenwood Community Hub
72 Glenwood Park Dr, Glenwood NSW 2768


  • Member: FREE for TEI funded organisations In WSNBM
  • Non-Member: Contact us

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LEad Many Countries, One Water by Chris Tobin
Artwork by Chris Tobin, commissioned by LEAD to create an original piece of art that reflects who we are and what we do. Titled “Many Countries, One Water”, the artwork represents the diversity and the connectedness across the communities in which we work. Reproduced with permission and gratitude.


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