Working With Men Who Use Violence – A Talking Circle

IN 2013 we invited four well known and respected practitioners to come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities of working with men who use violence. In addition to a panel session, each presenter told the story of their own professional and personal learning journey in this work.

Question & Answer Panel Session

Individual Presenter Sessions

Mary Jo McVeigh

Mary Jo McVeigh is the founder and Principal of Cara House, Centre for Resilience and Recovery.

Mary Jo has a Master degree in Social Work from Belfast, Northern Ireland where she started working with children who have experienced abuse and trauma. More than 25 years later Mary Jo is still passionate in her belief about the strength of children’s spirit and is inspired by all they have taught her about resilience. She has let her passion for child protection work be known by speaking at various national and international conferences, publishing journal articles, writing books and supporting children, carers and agencies through training, consultation and supervision.

Mary Jo McVeigh shares her thoughts and insights:

Eric Hudson

Eric Hudson is a Master Clinician with the Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors and a therapist in private practice at ‘Hudson Counselling’. Eric has many years of experience in individual and relationship counselling; professional supervision of other counsellors, managers and executive coaches; specific training and consultancy; executive coaching; and relationship management training.

Eric Hudson shares his thoughts and insights:

Ivan Clarke

Ivan Clarke has many years of experience as a counsellor, clinical & educational consultant, and group leader in the Strong Aboriginal Men’s Program. Ivan was the senior Aboriginal counsellor with Link-Up NSW specialising in supporting stolen generation clients with alcohol and other drug issues, trauma, grief and loss, dual diagnosis and mental health issues prior to starting with the Education Centre Against Violence in 2011. In the last 10 years Ivan has worked in the social welfare/counselling field at the WHOís Rehabilitation facility, Foundation House and the Salvation Army Foster House before joining Link-Up NSW.

Ivan Clarke shares his thoughts and insights:

Vikki Reynolds

Vikki Reynolds is a Canadian therapist/activist interested in liberating justice, resistance and solidarity from the margins of our work into the ethical centre. Vikki’s experience includes supervision and therapy with refugees, survivors of torture, anti-violence counsellors, mental health and substance abuse counsellors, activists and working alongside transgender and queer communities. Vikki is an Instructor with VCC, UBC and City University (Vancouver) in the Masters’ Program where she has received the Dean’s award for Distinguished Instruction. Vikki’s PhD entitled Doing Justice as a Path to Sustainability in Community Work, is available free on her website.

Vikki Reynolds shares her thoughts and insights:

Additionally, Vikki took the time for some further questions in a special interview. In this video Jackie Wilgress (Manager FWT+DP) asks Vikki to reflect on the past weeks training she presented including her participation in the “Working With Men Who Use Violence.”